Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vegan in Houston

The people in Houston are so friendly. Someone told me it's called hospitality. Boy the rest of the USA could use more of this... Of course, maybe they just can't help being nice because of all the lovely sunshine. Since we moved here about six weeks ago, we've been on a mission to find vegan ingredients for all of my favorite recipes. Although we have found many things locally, we will probably end up using mail order more than we did in Washington. One new, super cool item I found out about while eating dinner at a fellow vegan's home: CHIA seeds! Like the kind you make chia pets with. They are an amazing little thing. Crunchy and fun to eat. Add them to anything from veggie burgers to oatmeal. They are also supposed to help with weight loss because they absorb water and create a feeling of satiety. You can find them online. Speaking of hospitality, that's how I found out about chia seeds. On only our second week in Houston we were connected with the one other vegan everyone knows here and they invited us over for a potluck. So brave of someone to invite over a family of seven.