Monday, February 21, 2011

beans, beans, beans

So, I've finally broken down and tried out the frightening pressure cooker.  Just the whole idea of cooking something under pressure just seems frightening to me. But I found a great pressure cooker that is so easy to use and sits on an induction cooker, also so easy to use, that I have gotten over my fears of explosions in the kitchen.....its a Duramatic pressure cooker used on a Mr Induction induction cooktop.  Anyway, I have found that the great thing about cooking beans in the pressure cooker is this: they absorb the flavor of other things that you cook them with.  In my quest for healthy vegan eating I have stopped adding salt to our food (ala Dr. Fuhrman's Eat For Health) and found out immediately that beans sans salt are BLAH! So I've been experimenting with ways to add some flavor and interest to my daily bean intake.  Here is the so simple solution:
Add a jalepeno to the water you are cooking your beans in. 
Simply just put the soaked beans in the pressure cooker,
Cover with water according to directions,
Take a jalepeno and put some slits in the sides,
and chuck it in with the beans!
great tasting beans!

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